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Bruxism is another term for teeth grinding. If your child grinds their teeth, they likely suffer from this issue. As a parent, you probably despise the sound of the habit and you wonder if your child’s teeth are going to be OK. Well, our dentist, Dr. Troy Hardy, is happy to tell you all about children and bruxism so you know more.

It’s common for children to grind their teeth. Some grind their teeth when they are erupting new teeth. This helps them feel comfort from the pressure of the tooth poking through the gums. Some grind their teeth when they are stressed. This is a natural reaction to tension in the home or in life. Some might even grind their teeth when they have inner ear pressure or when they change elevation and they need to “pop” their ears. If your child has baby teeth, bruxism isn’t something to worry too much about. It might wear the teeth down, but that’s OK because the baby teeth will be replaced with permanent teeth. If your child has permanent teeth, it’s best to talk to your dentist about tooth protection measures.

Another way you can help your child is to reduce the need to grind their teeth. So, give them teething toys that help them break their little chompers through the gums. Or, try to help your child relax as much as possible. Play soothing music or try to eliminate the cause of the stress.

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