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General Brushing Tips for Infants and Young Children

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Typically, a child will not be able to brush their teeth safely and effectively until they around 6 years old. However, a child’s first tooth first appears around the age of 6 months old, so until they can do the job by themselves, a caretaker must make sure to keep their child’s oral health well taken care of.

The first step in optimum oral care for children involved brushing their teeth. As soon as a tooth erupts above the gumline it should be brushed twice daily every single day. Typically, use an amount of toothpaste that is roughly the size of a rice grain, unless they are over the age of 3, at which point you can use more, up to a pea-sized amount.

Before the child turns one, you should bring them in for their first oral examination with their pediatrician. We can make sure their teeth are receiving the care they require and can touch up and clean any problematic areas that may exist. Beyond just oral checkups and daily cleaning habits, it is important to watch your child’s diet and make sure they are eating healthy foods.

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