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Your child’s teeth serve an important function to their general development, and it’s important to do everything you can to help your child enjoy healthy teeth. In order to create a solid foundation of effective oral health, your child’s oral care routine should be developed during their first couple years of life. We offer information on steps you can take to help your child cultivate a lifetime of good oral health.

Your child develops a smile full of baby teeth first, and these are crucial to the development of proper alignment when it’s time for your child to have their permanent teeth. While it may not seem like it, the baby teeth require daily oral care. By helping your child keep their baby teeth healthy, you can ensure the permanent teeth are also strong and in good shape. If you teach your child to take good care of their teeth at a young age, they can continue these practices when they are older.

Dr. Troy Hardy and our team have witnessed the effects of high sugar consumption among our young patients, and we encourage that you limit the amount of sugar your child consumes every day. It’s important that your child comes to see the dentist every six months so that our team can use this appointment to examine the quality of your children’s teeth.

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