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Do you ever wonder how to care for your toddler’s smile? If so, our dentist, Dr. Troy Hardy, is happy to give you the answers you’re looking for. It’s very important to clean and care for your toddler’s smile each and every day. If you don’t, they can suffer dental pain and dental problems. You don’t want that, right? So, our dentist encourages you to keep your toddler up with oral hygiene by doing the following things:

-Brush their teeth twice a day: As you brush, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and child-safe toothpaste. Your dentist will inform you on if your child is ready for fluoride toothpaste yet. Make sure to brush every morning and night and try to make oral hygiene fun so they are motivated to clean their smile.

-Floss their teeth once a day: Flossing is necessary around age 3. This is because all of the teeth have grown into place and they are tightly knit together, which means the toothbrush can no longer thoroughly clean between the teeth. So, make sure to floss their little chompers daily.

-Bring them into our office: Your child needs a dental cleaning and exam every six months. Our dental team will thoroughly clean their teeth, examine their mouth for dental issues and help your child prevent problems, like cavities and gum disease. These appointments are also great opportunities for our dental team to give you oral hygiene tips.

Do you have any questions about oral hygiene for toddlers in Lehi, Utah? If so, please contact our dental team at Hardy Smiles Pediatric Dentistry. When you dial 801-331-8449, we will be more than happy to give you the answers you’re looking for. We are excited to hear from and help you!