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Have you told your child just how important brushing and flossing their teeth is to the rest of their body’s health? If you have a child that is learning oral care, it’s important to pass on this knowledge to them. Here are some ways oral health care impacts the body.

Anyone of any age can develop cavities. When children get a cavity, the effects can be more detrimental when compared to an adult with a cavity. A cavity can cause a child to improperly chew their food in order to avoid the pain of using the infected tooth. This leads to improperly chewed food, affecting the digestion of nutrients. Because the child is losing nutrients, they can also start to lose weight. As a general rule, you should help your child brush and floss until they are able to tie their shoes in order to help them avoid tooth decay and cavities.

Also, supply your child with a healthy diet that avoids too many sugary substances like candy or soda. This will help your child avoid developing cavities while also supplying them with much need nutrients. Teaching them the importance of a balanced diet at a young age is a life lesson they are highly likely to carry on as they grow older.

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