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If you are a first-time parent, then it is normal to have a thousand inquiries about your child’s well-being. We’re willing to bet that at least a few of those questions are about their oral health. That is why our caring team here at Hardy Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Lehi, Utah, is happy to help you through this growing process for you and your child.

Caring for your child’s oral health in their youth is especially important because it creates strong teeth and habits that will last for years to come. It starts with a trip to the dentist. Once they either turn a year old or six months after their first tooth appears, please bring your child into our office to see Dr. Troy Hardy. Here we will be able to assist in any dental issues that may arise, not to mention help your child to adjust to and even look forward to future dentist visits.

In the meantime, avoid giving too much sugar to your children. Sugar in treats and sweets can cause cavities and even gum disease. It can affect the health of your child’s mouth even while their teeth are below the gumline. If you are in the habit of putting sugary drinks in your child’s baby bottle, consider mostly replacing these with milk and water, and make sure to take any bottle of out of their mouth when they go to sleep to avoid unnecessary exposure.

Is it time for your child to visit our friendly pediatric dentist? Please call us today at 801-331-8449 to set up an appointment. We know we just scratched the surface. Our professional team is happy to address any questions or concerns you have. Call us today and let us help keep your child’s smile healthy.