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When teeth erupt above the surface of the gums, it can cause a painful sensation called teething. Teething is natural, but also painful. With a few small adjustments, teething treatments can drastically improve a child’s distress.

The excitement of a better smile awaits with teething treatments. The key to understanding teething includes the following:

– Serious circumstances may develop when teething, which include diarrhea, high fevers, chills, and sporadic rashes. If any of these symptoms arise, contact your child’s pediatrician.
– Teething tablets and medications should only be administered under the guidance of the child’s health care professional.
– Frequent signs and symptoms that your child is teething including changes in their sleep patterns, excessive drooling, and irregular fussiness or loss of appetite.
– To help ease pain and discomfort in your child, look for ways to help soothe them. Usually, you can use teething rings, a cold spoon, a gauze pad, or your finger if it is clean.
– Children typically begin teething when the first tooth erupts, around the age of 6 months.

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