The pulp of your child’s teeth is responsible for the blood vessels and nerves in each tooth. If that pulp becomes infected by tooth decay, Dr. Troy Hardy may recommend pulp therapy to save the tooth from extraction. Hardy Smiles Pediatric Dentistry provides vital and non-vital pulp therapy.

Random tooth pain, tooth sensitivity, or a broken tooth could all indicated that the pulp of the tooth is in trouble. If sections of the pulp can be saved, our pediatric dentist may perform vital pulp therapy, in which the infected sections are removed and replaced with an anti-bacterial agent. Dr. Troy Hardy may use a dental crown to protect the remaining tooth and restore your child’s smile.

If the entire pulp is infected, non-vital pulp therapy can clean out the tooth and refill it with a special material that will last until the baby tooth falls out and is replaced with a permanent tooth. Dr. Troy Hardy may recommend a dental crown to protect the tooth.

In rare cases, the tooth is too infected and must be removed. Our pediatric dentist can provide a space maintainer to reserve that spot in your child’s mouth until the permanent tooth erupts.

If your child complains of dental pain or has received a dental injury, we encourage you to consult Dr. Troy Hardy to learn if your child needs pulp therapy in Lehi, Utah.