If you or your child is nervous about their upcoming visit to the dentist, we invite you to learn more about our process so that you can better prepare for the appointment. Dr. Troy Hardy runs a friendly, relaxed office that accommodates children of all ages and makes everyone feel welcome.

Your child should begin seeing the dentist on a regular basis at their first birthday. Routine checkups will help your child adapt to the environment of the dental office and ease any dental anxieties. When you visit Hardy Smiles Pediatric Dentistry for the first time, we will welcome you in with a smile and make sure you have all the paperwork you need.

At the time of your appointment, Dr. Troy Hardy and our team will perform a thorough oral exam and cleaning to evaluate your child’s oral health. We encourage you to accompany your child into the exam room to provide reassurance and gain a better understanding of your child’s status of health. Following the exam, you will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s exam with Dr. Troy Hardy, who will recommend any necessary treatment options. You are welcome to voice any concerns you may have, such as treatment costs and insurance coverage.

Early preventive care is important to your child’s oral development and current dental health. We invite you to schedule your child’s first visit to Hardy Smiles Pediatric Dentistry today by contacting our pediatric dentist in Lehi, Utah.