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If you’ve ever raised a child, you probably understand that your little ones tend to copy you whether you want them to or not. However, this isn’t all bad. If you help your child learn about how they should care for their teeth well when they’re young, they’ll probably clean their teeth more efficiently as they get older.

As you already know, you should brush and floss your teeth well if you’re hoping to keep your smile clean. If your children see you brush and floss regularly, they might be more willing to brush and floss their teeth themselves. It’s also important that you let your children see you brushing and flossing even when you are on vacation or away from home. We also recommend giving your child healthy snacks instead of sugary treats. Sugar can create an environment where bacteria can grow and damage your teeth. To avoid the same issue, we recommend avoiding coffee. While coffee itself might not be packed with sugar, it can cause a caffeine crash. Many people deal with a caffeine crash by eating sugar.

You should also bring your child to the dentist when they’re about a year old. We also suggest setting up an appointment for your child every six months. These appointments will give us a chance to inspect your child’s teeth for signs of problems and give your child the opportunity to adjust to dental visits.

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